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The Spanish pianist Cristina Casale proposes a wonderful journey among beautiful solo piano pieces inspired by flamenco music.

Full of beauty and virtuosity, Duende is a delightful concert that embrace the talent of the great composers Falla, Granados and Lecuona and introduces the first book of of Flamenco Concert Etudes by the Spanish composer A. Espinosa.

Casale, acclaimed by the audience and specialist critic as an authentic thrilling artist, has received the 2019 AEFE Gold Cross award for her social labour of cultural promotion.

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A mysterious force
that everyone feels
and no philosopher has explained.
―J.W.von Goethe


Cristina Casale

CRISTINA CASALE had her first contact with the piano at the age of four, under the supervision of her mother.

Spanish music has always been present in her career. In her early years she received several prizes in Spain and Italy for her Spanish music interpretations and has toured in major cities across Europe, United States and South America.

She has studied with Moscow Conservatory professors Ilze Graubin and Irina Zaritzkaja, French Pianist Emmanuel Ferrer and 20th Century Spanish Piano Legend Alicia de Larrocha.

During ten years she reduced drastically her concerts to live maternity and dedicate time to her children. On 2014 she returned to stage and made her debut at Carnegie Hall, in New York, within a U.S.A concert tour sponsored by Freixenet.

In 2016 she met the composer Abraham Espinosa and became fascinated with a Music History Discovery: the first piano Concert Etudes with Flamenco influences. These pieces, full of beauty and virtuosism, have seduced all kind of public including the specialized critic, which labels these Etudes as the Spanish Music from 21st century, continuing Falla's and Granados' heritage.

China Tour

March 8th, 7:30pm
Opera House, Guangzhou
March 10th, 8pm
Arts Centre, Liuzhou
March 15th, 7:30pm
Temple, Beijing
东景缘 - 海报
March 16th, 7pm
China Lord Mansion, Beijing
March 17th, 7:30pm
City Theatre, Shanghai
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cristina casale spanish pianist duende palau de la musica
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Suite Española. VI Malagueña

Goyescas. La maja y el Ruiseñor

MANUEL DE FALLA (1876-1946)
Two dances from El sombrero de tres pico
Danza ritual del fuego from El amor brujo

(25 minutes)


12 Estudios flamencos para piano

(45 minutes)

She’s breathtaking in her playing.
The Flamenco Concert Etudes remind to Granados music
with an outstanding virtuosism that she performs
full of truth and passion.

―Maria Canals International Piano Competition, Barcelona



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